Cihan Baysal

Long&Foster Real Estate

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When CihanBaysal starts each workday, he draws on his many years of business experienceand his energetic work ethic to provide focused assistance to both buyers andsellers. While most agents specialize in either commercial or residential realestate, Cihan’s expertize encompasses every type of the field from landdevelopment to newly built homes and existing homes and commercial real estateincluding retail locations and warehouses. He is equally comfortable selling ahouse in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. as he is negotiating the saleof a retail site in those locations.

Cihan’sbusiness philosophy is that if you work hard for all your clients, they willnaturally refer you to their friends and family. Cihan became a real estateagent when he realized that his experience in other businesses could help otherpeople build financial success. His reputation as a strong negotiator grewduring his years working in finance and managing a food business and a servicebusiness, while his 15 years in customer service taught him the importance oflistening to people and responding to their needs.

Cihan’sfriends enjoy his sense of fun along with the same characteristics that hisclient’s appreciate: his commitment, his caring personality and his keen ears forlistening. In the rare moments when he’s not working, Cihan enjoys spendingtime with his wife and children at his home in Fairfax, Virginia. He also likesto read about the latest technology and to share his knowledge with others inhis community.


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